New poem at Blue of Noon

A new poem of mine called ‘Oh God they’re beautiful’, about how it’s true that everyone else is beautiful and you’re the only one who’s ugly, has been published at Tom Bland’s excellent Blue of Noon. The subheader of the blog says it’s a collection of “poems and stories that most people suppress, repress and outright deny”; like a fork covered with a thin film of grease, everything published at Blue of Noon has something nasty or dirty about it, and that’s why I like it so much.

Sometimes, like Niall O’Sullivan’s specimens, it’s just a little bit naughty, or, like Nicki Heinen’s Pink, it’s not outrageous, but still sticky enough that you look around to see if anyone’s watching you read it. And sometimes it’s downright filthy, like Grandma’s back from the dead by Tara Fleur ‘Woman of Bones’. All recommended reading when for you’re on your own, or, if you’re a massive exhibitionist, when you’re on the bus.


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