Seven Voices

This academic term I’m taking part in Seven Voices, an arts project at Oxford which sees seven students selected each term to respond to a prompt each week in whatever form they like. The challenge of writing something so regularly which also has to meet a theme is a welcome splash of water to the face of my usual writing habits, and I’m enjoying the work that the other voices are producing. You can follow this term’s responses here. Below is my response the first prompt, ‘shelter’, which was posted to the blog on Sunday.


Suck you shelter

Sneak me in – do you feel the heat
yes – apocalypse me in my clothes
compass-pin me to the room four corners
shelter me in your sunset temple
my lips around your second knuckle
sex me here a hundred hands
hell for leather, suck you bed
shelter you fire, burn you lips
fiery lakes we drank to be wicked
your gasps fit like a glove
if you ever breathe I’ll disappear
crumble me into powder
spread me on your lips
shelter me in night places
your body-like-a-glove
mouth me wicked
sneak in me
hear me sex
the burning bed
the hell-soaked kiss
heaven can’t breathe
suck hundred hands
take me galaxies
fit me in you
we fit in sunset
apocalypse mouth
the lava and the magma
I melt in you and we flood the world


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