The first review of the play I’m directing this term in Oxford is in!

Oxford Opening Night

reviewed by Claire Frampton

Directly before being ushered into the auditorium of the Pilch Studio to watch Four Lions, my eyes caught a notice listing of warnings of the play’s sensitive content: explosions, violence, swearing. I primed myself immediately to experience a play the uneasy themes of Chris Morris’ play, adapted from his screenplay of the same title.

The play opens to a series of projections onto the Pilch’s back wall: a woman paces anxiously with a gun. This nicely sets the tone for the violent and war-torn play that follows. Projection is used cleverly throughout the play to evoke different environments, with shots from surveillance cameras used in another scene to create the claustrophic atmosphere of a police interrogation unit.

Four Lions is a play whose exploration of extremism feel painfull relevant today: Morris’s script following the backstory of four terrorists planning an attack. Directors Adham Smart and…

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